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Are you cancer concerned ?

Cancer diagnostic

On a wall at Berkeley University, you can read : "I'm interested with future, because this is where I intend to spend my future years..." : totally right, but you need to be alive...

Remember : YOUR life is in YOUR hands. You MUST be cancer concerned.
Take control of your health today and order your blood tests now.

So, if the answer is yes ("I'm cancer concerned"), then CancersafeŽ is what you have been waiting for! To get it, just a blood drawing is needed for this sophisticated blood test.

On Cancersafe website, you can see:
- the most up-to-date information about the aspects of the disease, especially the medical analyses based upon the most sophisticated tumor markers;
- and a totally new concept of the use of tumor markers (blood tests) to help in the screening and the follow-up of the illness: this concept is described in the CancersafeŽ test: discover the incredible ease and convenience, the low cost, and the speed of the return of your results.

Some of these tests (the most recent ones) being not available in the US, CancersafeŽ (a registered Swiss company) has been created in Europe, where the Tumor-marker monitoring expertise is the most advanced and largely used.

What is cancer ? Why screen cancer?
Cancer is a complex group of far more than 200 diseases. Cancer refers to human cells that have transformed into malignant tumors capable of unlimited growth. These tumors expand locally, by growing larger in size, and through metastasis, when the cancer cells enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body.
Screening advances the date of diagnosis, and thereby extends the interval between diagnosis and death.

Every year ten million men and women worldwide are affected by cancer, five million die of it.
If the developed world still bears the largest share of cancer cases (the detected ones !), the less developed areas are catching up. In these countries, the frequency of the illness is increasing for many reasons: longer life expectancy, environmental problems, increasing pollution.
Ahmedin Jemal, program Director for cancer occurrence at the ACS in Atlanta, says : "one important aspect is the increase in the cancer burden in developing countries, which is because of adopting a more western lifestyle like increased smoking, different dietary patterns and less physical activity".

Cancer, an everyday reality all around you
We all know someone in our circle of friends or in our family who is suffering from cancer, maybe even you have been faced with the illness. CancersafeŽ has been created for you by expert health professionals.
Remember : cancer can affect anyone.

Your anxiety, your life
Because of the ever increasing restrictive policies put in place in developed countries for purely economic reasons, you yourself should take control to alleviate your anxieties toward cancer. It's your life in the balance, not your neighbor's.

CancersafeŽ, your guide
CancersafeŽ has been created by cancer treatment professionals, doctors and oncologists, working in internationally famous anti-cancer centers as an answer to your need for guidance in a complex process. It uses just a blood test, non-invasive, easy to get from blood drawing.

Remember : YOUR life is in YOUR hands. You MUST be cancer concerned.

CancersafeŽtest : Earth's biggest test for cancer detection.

The information provided on Cancersafe is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Thanks for considering CancersafeŽ, and please come again.


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