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Cancersafe® Test : early cancer detection

Earth's biggest test for cancer detection.

Take control of your health today and order your blood tests now.
Blood tests, very useful diagnostic tool, non-invasive.


Our company is founded on the fundamental right to medical information about one's own body. Most of us want to be involved in our own healthcare decisions. The opportunity to be screened as a preventive measure makes common sense. Early cancer detection (cancer disease) can lead to a cure.

CancersafeŽtest has been designed for individuals who desire to take charge of their own health and to assist in cancer prevention and early cancer detection, to fight the formidable disease : cancer.

CancersafeŽtest (blood test) consists of : tumor markers dosages (10 for women, 11 for men), 3 oxidative stress markers, immuno-globulins dosages, and utilization of special-logic rule-based system.

CancersafeŽ offers you:
- detection of certain cancers before the appearance of any clinical sign or radiological procedures;
- faster diagnosis in the presence of an isolated symptom;
- follow-up during the cancer treatment;
- post-treatment relapse watch, before any clinical signs.

All this thanks to the expert utilization of our panel of ten " tumor-markers " and specific analyses : molecules secreted by tumors (ideally) that can be detected, and measured : this is a full analysis blood profile.
With results, you get the opinion of four specialists, based upon their full expertise and specially developed algorithms : CancersafeŽtest is unique.
The technical point of Cancersafe : a high value of a single marker often leads to the suspicion of tumor, BUT if the value is close to the cut-off (limit range) nobody can be sure : so, the analysis of MULTIPLE parameters (markers) can make up for this. The method of mathematical set theory offers a new powerful approach for increasing sensitivity with high specificity ; this is why we have to use FULL COMBINATION of tumor markers and monitor the results with algorithms.

The Tumor markers CancersafeŽ analysis blood profile is :

for men:
CEA CA 19-9 CA 125 CA 72-4 PSA+FPSA

for women:
CEA CA 15-3 CA 19-9 CA 125 CA 72-4


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The most effective panel of analyses
Tumor markers are molecules occuring in blood or tissue that are associated with cancer and whose measurement or identification is useful in patient diagnosis or clinical management.
Our panel of ten tumor-markers and 5 other dosages is of the greatest interest for an early diagnosis.

Negative results
Warning: a negative result NEVER means that you are not carrying an EARLY stage of cancer, but simply that there is no detectable cancer by biology at this time : it's good news for you nevertheless.

Positive results
A distinctly positive result on one particular marker, or better on several, means that you will receive a commentary drawing your attention to the possibility of illness, and suggesting an immediate visit to your doctor (we will contact him if you so request).

Abnormal results
A moderately high marker rate could suggest all kinds of benign conditions together with a more serious condition. A visit to your doctor would be essential in order to clarify the matter.

Record of results
It would be very useful to your doctor to have a record of your results should a cancer have been detected.
In order to be able to judge the effectiveness of a specific treatment (your doctor may have to change it from time to time), it is important to have the starting values and the follow-up values of the appropriate marker(s) concerning the type of cancer being treated.
We therefore recommend regular CancersafeŽ tests.
CancersafeŽ will keep all your results in a medical file: YOUR medical file. Your file is protected by your own password and you can access it at any time. Once you have opened your file, you can E-mail or save your results in HTML format.

Order your cancer personal blood testing.

WARNING : CancersafeŽTest is NOT a diagnostic test. In fact, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc. are also NOT diagnostic tests . None of these imaging tests have the ability to diagnose cancer. Only a biopsy can answer this question. As the other tests, CancersafeŽ is HELP to diagnostic.

CancersafeŽ has just opened its new website,, intended to smokers.

Thanks for considering CancersafeŽ, and please come again.


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List of offered Markers

Markers Pathologies  
CEA Colorectal, pancreas, lung, breast, stomach, thyroid, female genital cancers. Details
AFP Liver, ovary, testicle. Details
PSA FreePSA Prostate. Details
CA 15-3 Breast. Details
CA 19-9 Colorectal cancer, pancreas, stomach, bile duct. Details
CA 125 Ovary. Details
CA 72-4 Stomach. Details
BHCG Testicle, ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas. Details
B2M Haematopoietic system. Details
NSE Lung: small cells cancers ("SCLC"); neuroblastomas, pancreas. Details
CYFRA 21-1 Lung: non-small cells cancers ("NSCLC"); uterus,breast. Details


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BREAST Epithelial tumors CA15-3, CEA, CYFRA 21-1
OVARY Adenocarcinoma CA125
Mucinous adenocarcinoma CA19-9, CEA
Germinative tumors AFP, HCG
UTERUS Cervix (epiderm. tumors) (95%) SCC, Cyfra21-1
Adenocarcinoma (5%) CA125
Corpus adenocarcinoma (95%) CA125
Mucinous tumors CA19-9, CEA
PROSTATE Adenocarcinoma PSA, FPSA
Non seminomous tumors HCG, AFP
COLORECTAL Adenocarcinoma CEA, CA 19-9, CA 125
PANCREAS Adenocarcinoma CA 19-9, CEA
Endocrine CA 19-9, CEA, NSE
LIVER Hepatocarcinoma AFP, CEA
STOMACH Adenocarcinoma CA 72-4, CA 19-9, CEA
ESOPHAGUS Adenocarcinoma CEA
Epidermoidis SCC, CYFRA 21-1
Differential Thyroglobuline
LUNG Adenocarcinoma CEA, CA19-9, CA125
Epidermoidis CYFRA21-1
Small cells NSE, CA125


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TUMOR MARKERS: normal values, high values

Markers Units Normal Moderate increase High increase
CEA ng/ml <5 5-10 10-100.000
AFP ng/ml <15 15-200 200-10.000
PSA ng/ml <4 4-10 10-1.000
CA 15-3 U/ml <40 40-60 60-30.000
CA 19-9 U/ml <35 35-100 100-1.000.000
CA 125 U/ml <35 35-50 50-50.000
CA 72-4 U/ml <6.9 7-30 30-10000
BHCG mUI/ml <5 >5 5-100.000
B2M mg/l <2 >2 2-10
NSE ng/ml <21 21-50 50-4000
CYFRA 21-1 ng/ml <3,5 >3,5 3,5-1000


Click here to read more about the Cancersafe test's full process with pictures.


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