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Cancer early detection

Cancer screening

Prevention First

Don't wait to be sick or feel sick. Nowadays the trend is reversed as more and more people know that prevention is the best way to enhance their health and prevent sickness.
Then, performing SCREENING not only seems like reasonable solution, it is THE solution : after 6O years of research and hundreds billions of dollars spent, there are still 12 million people, every year, who will hear from their physician :"you got cancer". And most often, it will be too late. In lung cancer, there are only 15% survivors after 2 years...But 70% are cured when EARLY detected...

Effective strategies

Prevention and early detection are two of the most important and effective strategies for reaching the goals of saving lives lost from cancer, diminishing suffering due to cancer, and eliminating cancer as a major health problem, goals defined by Cancer Societies all over the world.
At CancersafeŽ, we are passionate about the possibilities of prevention and the opportunities available to lower future risks for life's important illnesses. Combine early detection imaging services and blood test as CancersafeŽtest.
We provide easy access and helpful advice about a number of risk-lowering strategies.

See also the "Charter of Paris, 2 Feb 2000: World summit against cancer for the New Millenium", attended by President J.Chirac and 1stLady H.Clinton.

More than 1 of 3 of all lives lost to cancer could be saved by eliminating all tobacco use. Thousands of other cases could potentially be prevented by changes in diet or reducing environmental carcinogens.

Cancer screening tests can't prevent cancer, but by catching the development in early stages, they can mean less drastic and more successful treatment.

Early detection includes examinations and tests intended to find cancer as early as possible (ideally before it has spread) when it can be treated most effectively and with the fewest possible side effects : the disease can be curable, under the condition to be early detected.
The most effective strategy includes :
1) ultrafast EBT body scanner, 64 slice CT scans, , as performed by our partners :
-"Lifescore", CA, San Diego, USA,,
-"Colorado Heart & Body Imaging", CO, Denver, USA,, the CHBI is the world's most technologically advanced and versatile screening center;
-"Monaco Life Check Center", Monaco,,

2) and cancer check-up blood test CancersafeŽtest.

Warning signs
- changes in bowel or bladder habits
- blood in the urine, sputum or stool
- a sore that does not heal
- nagging cough
- unusual bleeding or a discharge
- hoarseness
- thickening or lump in the breast, or any other part of the body
- indigestion or difficulty swallowing

Early detection and you
It is advisable to try to detect the presence of a cancer as soon as possible, even before the appearance of clinical signs. Based on scientific research and expert opinion, the ACS* has established recommendations to detect cancer early in asymptomatic people (people without symptoms of cancer).
Today, such progress has been made in biology that it is possible to detect some cancers before the appearance of any clinical signals. Cancersafe is non-invasive :
a simple BLOOD DRAWING, and we'll measure the values of 10 "tumor markers", building your "cancer check-up".

* American Cancer Society

WARNING : CancersafeŽTest is NOT a diagnostic test. In fact, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc. are also NOT diagnostic tests . None of these imaging tests have the ability to diagnose cancer. Only a biopsy can answer this question. As the other tests, CancersafeŽ is HELP to diagnostic.

CancersafeŽ has opened its new website,, intended to smokers.

Cancer can be detected : do it NOW.

CancersafeŽtest : Earth's biggest test for cancer detection.

The information provided on Cancersafe is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Thanks for considering CancersafeŽ, and please come again.


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