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Cancer early detection
Cancer diagnostic :

" an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure "...
to live a longer healthier life.

Improvement in early detection of cancer saves lives :
be proactive rather than reactive.

Cancersafe®test is a blood test for cancer screening.

Most of us want to be more involved and proactive in our own healthcare decisions. The opportunity to be screened as a cancer prevention measure makes common sense.
We at Cancersafe focus on the most important life-threatening disease affecting humans today: cancer.

Cancer must be tracked : cancer prevention first, then early detection, the sole way to beat the formidable disease :
early detection of cancer can lead to a cure.
Too many people die of cancer, by lack of real early detection : most official statistics about deaths by cancer are biased. The sole way to improve really the prognostics is to detect early, meaning cancer screening : don't wait to observe clinical signs : testing saves lives.
Cancersafe® test is useful in detecting certain cancers and their recurrences before clinical signals appear. A mere blood drawing is needed : Cancersafe®test is a blood test, with special logic-based profiles, to improve sensitivity in cancer diagnosis.

Cancersafe®test can look for : breast, ovarian, lung, uterine, prostate, testicle, colorectal, pancreas, liver, stomach, thyroid.
Results and commentaries of these blood tests have helped with cancer prevention when used under proper medical supervision and guidance.
They can help and enhance the quality and length of life through early cancer detection and programs for prevention.
Lung cancer is main target.
Cancersafe®test can be ordered on site, results are available on-line and kept highly confidential, all that within hours.
Our service offers flexibility to meet the daily challenges and busy schedules of clients.
Cancersafe® offers accurate, medically supervised and confidential screenings direct to you ! Wherever you stay, worldwide, you can get this service exclusively from Cancersafe®SA, Swiss company.

This cancer blood test is sole of its kind, worldwide.

As doctors and practitioners of cancer diagnosis, we at Cancersafe are totally committed to the battle against worse disease : cancer.
Cancersafe welcomes patients who are self-referred as well as from the offices of physicians.
Helping patients and physicians manage disease for six years now.
Last testimonial (02/08/2006): Dr T.Z. from Arlington, VA : " : "xxx", from the very bottom of my heart thank you for everything, we'll proceed as you advised, on Friday we go to oncologist/hematologist with the help of "yyy" to arrange it. I sincerely hope that all the good things you do are extremely important for each and every person, no matter how young or healthy they are. You can use my name as a referral, and I will be happy to tell anyone, how perfect your company services are and how humane the people are."

Last news :Cancersafe® can now handle out on special request 4 new tests, more specially designed for important cancers :
- OvarianSafe®Test for ovarian cancer; - ColonSafe®Test for colon cancer; - BreastSafe®Test for breast cancer; - Smoker®Test for lung cancer, intended to smokers.
These tests would interest each and everyone with someone in family having suffered from these cancers.
Smokers have interest to log on to our second website,
Use our contact us form to know how to proceed to get these more affordable tests, using the Cancersafe®Test technology and algorithms.
So now Cancersafe offers 5 blood tests : full Cancersafe®Test,
then OvarianSafe®Test, ColonSafe®Test, BreastSafe®Test, and Smoker®Test.

Cancersafe® : a must.
Cancersafe™ : the brand.
World registered.

Earth's biggest test for cancer detection.

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Introduction to main cancers :
- breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer;
- lung cancer;
- colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer;
- prostate cancer, testicular cancer


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