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Now in 2 locations and associated with numerous cardiologists, gastroenterologists, primary care doctors and radiologists, Colorado Heart and Body Imaging (CHBI) introduced to the Rocky Mountain region such capabilities as coronary heart imaging, high resolution lung scans, virtual colonoscopy, full vascular and total bodyscans, noninvasive coronary angiography, QCT bone densitometry, arterial stiffness measurements (using dynapulse and sphygmocor), quantitative carotid IMT and the watch-PAT sleep apnea and the EndoPAT systems from Israeli-based Itamar Medical. With an associated medical staff who have published over 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals, CHBI is the region's first facility to use the Australian-based SolarScan system to detect skin melanomas, the Sentinel BreastScan as an adjunct to mammography, the BioPhysical serum tests and has the nation's leading private experience with the highly accurate Viatronix primary 3D approach to virtual colonoscopy. Colorado Heart and Body Imaging is now privileged to make available the CellCorrect "molecular fingerprint" cancer biomarker tests from Golden-based CeMines and has established a partnership with Geneva-based CancerSafe company.
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LifeScore® Disease Prevention Centers combine imaging modalities, laboratory assessments and physician consultations into a unique program called 3-D Health. With 3-D Health, LifeScore clients discover their current health status, design a program for prevention and wellness with a LifeScore physician, and do the program to achieve optimal health (hence, the 3 'D's). LifeScore assessments include cardiovascular calcium measurements to assess for atherosclerosis, lung scans for early cancer detection, abdominal and pelvic scans for the diagnosis of early pathology, bone mineral density measurements, virtual colonoscopy, spirometry, body fat and weight assessments, lipid and blood sugar measurements, and the CancerSafeScore. LifeScore offers programs for nutrition, exercise, weight loss, cholesterol management, blood pressure tracking, and lifestyle tracking. Visit the LifeScore web site to learn more at:


MLCC Bringing a New Era in Cardiovascular Scanning to Our Patients.
Monaco Life Check Center (MLCC), located in the heart of prestigious Monte-Carlo in the Principality of Monaco, utilizes the unique state of the art ultrafast EBT body scanner, known as e-Speed, in order to produce precise diagnosis of the most common and important diseases affecting humans today. This is the first such scanner installed in Europe, giving MLCC a unique position to provide a preventive medical service that cannot be found elsewhere.
The revolutionary scanner provides more accurate and rapid diagnosis of coronary artery disease, lung cancer and colon cancer.
Learn more about the MLCC website and Dr McNamara at:


Medisys is dedicated to promoting health and workplace productivity by combining professional health services and advanced medical technologies. By developing innovative information systems, Medisys aims to continuously enhance insurance risk selection and claims management. Providing real value to our customers with our dedicated team of health care professionals and support staff is Medisys’ ultimate goal.
At Medisys, through the combination of technology with professional services, we aspire to be the leading innovator of medical solutions for corporations, government agencies, and the insurance industry.
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The EMSI family of companies are the insurance industry's only full-service evidence provider.
Utilizing the superior services of EMSI, PMSI, International Claims Specialists (ICS), and Occupational Health Testing (OHT), the EMSI family of companies are uniquely positioned to handle all facets of information gathering and underwriting.
By taking the "best practices" of these four industry leaders, EMSI offers the client service and selection that are second to none.
EMSI is poised for success in the 21st century and beyond. Welcome to the EMSI Family of Companies :


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