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Doctors and Health Providers, why should you order the Cancersafe®test, the "cancer check-up" from just a blood drawing?

By supporting our company, you are not only buying a product that will benefit health, you are also contributing to the availability of reliable scientific research to improve and promote good health around the world.

Screening for various cancers

Cancersafe should be integrated in any serious healthcare approach to increase chances of identifying and targeting cancer early, when damaging effects can be prevented.

You are a Doctor : you know that PREVENTION is the key word in cancer field. As preventative tests, there are in fact very few tests: mammography, Papsmear, colonoscopy, radiology, some ultrasounds, scanners, MRI. Most are invasive tests. You also have to your disposal the tumor markers. Some are largely used, such as the PSA. But that's not enough. Under the condition to be used with professionals expertise, and with a large panel, the TMs can be a great help in: cancer prevention, for the main cancers: breast, ovarian, lung, uterus, prostate, testicle, colorectal, pancreas, liver, stomach, thyroid; and in cancer follow-up, where they represent the best help for tracking the recurrences. In your patients interest, you would greatly help them monitoring their anxiety about the disease, by encouraging them to perform the Cancersafe® test. For this purpose, please mouse-over contact us form and become a member of our prescribers. We'll contact you shortly, and settle an agreement. (see below).

You are a screening center :
Join us, and become a Cancersafe partner, as did
-"Lifescore", CA, San Diego, USA,,
-"Colorado Heart & Body Imaging", CO, Denver, USA,, the CHBI is the world's most technologically advanced and versatile screening center;
-"Monaco Life Check Center", Monaco,,

You are a health care provider : in the interest of your clients, you want to offer our exclusive test on your list : we provide our test to big companies, for their staff members, as regular check-ups. Please call us, we'll contact you shortly, and start a procedure with you : contact us.

You are an insurance company : since more than 10 years, such companies have been scrutinizing the pros and cons including the Tumor Markers in their check-ups. These companies are reluctant to, because - the false negatives results: trouble would occur with person having been tested as negative (cancer-free), and diagnosed with tumor 6 months later: this is the limit of method, now largely improved. And - the false positives results: as soon as positives results are involved for a client, this one has to be totally checked, to clear the matter: either, the investigations confirm the cancer presence, and the person is advised to begin treatment; or these investigations conclude to no cancer: the insurances trouble is that these investigations are expensive ones, and that they could be liable to be hold against by the client. These remarks were funded years ago, but they are not anymore: the techniques have progressed a lot, now are available new tumor markers that are stunning, some of them not used in the US, but largely recognized in Europe and Japan. We at Cancersafe use a PANEL of tumor markers looking for main cancers, and monitored by the most experienced team : under these conditions, this test can help in cancer prevention, and is of the utmost importance in cancer follow-up, to track relapses. Should you be interested to include Cancersafe® test in your check-ups, contact us, and we'll get in touch with you.

All in all, using a panel of tumor markers improves the SENTIVITY (the effectiveness of a test in detecting a cancer in those who have the disease),
and the SPECIFICITY (the extent to which a test gives negative results in those who are free of the disease).


How to start an agreement?
Please - use our contact us form: we will call you immediately.

How to place an order, when you authorized client?
After an agreement has been settled, you got a professional login and password, enabling you to log on to your reserved page "professionals" of this website: you then enter a page where you register the clients you want, filling out one questionnaire/client. Then you wait for the next step.

How to get the results?
You just enter your login and password : you have access immediately to results; and you'll get it as many times you need, anywhere, anytime, from the Cancersafe database, available 24/7.

Online Form
We'd like to hear from you, and encourage you to send us any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have. Just fill out our contact us form, and we will get back to you very quickly.

Cancersafe® has opened its new website,, intended to smokers.

Cancersafe®test : Earth's biggest blood test for cancer detection.

Thanks for considering Cancersafe®, and please come again.

Last news : Cancersafe can now handle out on express request the new "MesoMark®", test specially designed for Mesothelioma. Moreover, we'll offer shortly the "Human Osteopontin", also for Mesothelioma detection. Nobody else, worldwide, offers this sophisticated detection. Use our contact us form to get details.


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