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Cure and quality of life
Substantial progress has been made in terms of cure and quality of life based on:
- improved treatments;
- advanced sophisticated biological techniques;
- early detection by testing (blood test).

Progress in treatment
Very significant advances have been made in surgery, radiotherapy and medical treatments:
- Surgery: more conservative, less disfiguring treatments.
- Radiotherapy: improved protection of healthy tissues, improved treatment of cancerous tissues thanks to three dimensional dosimetry, portal imaging and intensity variation.
- Medical treatments: chemotherapy, hormone-therapy and tomorrow's immunotherapy allow more effective and less aggressive treatments.
- The combination of these treatments: the combination of certain treatments, especially concomitant radio and chemotherapies, significantly augments their effectiveness without increasing their toxicity.
- Supportive treatment and pain treatment: supportive treatments (antinausea, cell growth factors) as well as pain relief treatments improve the quality of life.

Progress in biology
Biology is an ever more precious aid to the doctor, in diagnostic as well as in patient follow-up during and after treatment: in recent years, the advent of monoclonal antibodies (much more specific than previously) allows increasingly precise dosages. Advances in automation have markedly increased the analytic reliability of the "tumor markers" tests. Certain cancers are much better defined by the simultaneous use of several "tumor-markers", rather than a simple observation of an isolated elevation of one of them. The level of these "tumor markers" are got from blood analyses : blood test. These "tumor markers" are molecules secreted by tumors (ideally) that can be detected, and measured.
Moreover, the couple -imaging through PET Scan and EBT; -and biology with Tumor Markers, deserves to be largely used : PET Scan has demonstrated an image of metastatic recurrence in 88%of cases suspected to present an occult metastatic disease on the basis of a significant elevation of cancer Tumor Markers : without the delay symptomatic metastases diagnosis involves, the adjuvant therapy undoubtedly prolongs survival. This concept can also be extended to the treatment of patients appearing clinically disease-free but with an occult disease suspicion determined through the elevation of cancer Tumor Markers confirmed with PET Scan.
The originality of CancersafeŽ, apart its special use of full combination of tumor markers, relies on its special-logic rule-based system enabling to deliver objective opinion.

Examples of "tumor markers"
-1) Prostate Cancer:
the use of the FPSA/TPSA* relationship improves our ability to distinguish between cancer and non-cancer, avoiding invasive examination procedures;

-2) Lung Cancer (a very complex cancer):
the use of the CYFRA 21-1/NSE couple** associated with CEA and CA-125 allows:
- the determination of the type of cancer we are dealing with;
- the detection of the appearance, during the course of the treatment, of cell-clones different from the initial clone, which would bring about the immediate modification of the current treatment (having become ineffective).

* FPSA: free prostatic specific antigen; TPSA: total prostatic specific antigen.
** CYFRA 21-1: cytokeratin fragment; NSE: neuron specific enolase.

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